Financing Available

Financing Available

Hey All!

FINANCING AVAILABLE -  We now work with a financing company to provide monthly installments. Get on the list. Apply with them. They deposit the amount in your bank account. You pay us the full remainder and then pay them back in installments. 8% interest. $2000 minimum loan amount.  So if you pay $100/month you will only pay $155 in interest on the minimum loan amount. It's cool. Get your Mule making music in your hands sooner without your bank account taking a big hit. 

I know its a big financial decision and wanted to find a way to make that decision financially sound for more people. Hope this helps!.

In other news.  We make baritone electrics differently and affectionately call them "Posencasters" after Ariel Posen, the guitar slinger who uses them.  Here's a video of me explaining them and one of Ariel playing his.  

What the Heck is a Posencaster?

Ariel Posen - Sistermotherlover