Fixing Buzzes

Fixing Buzzes

"My guitar is buzzing!"

What to do? Buzzing happens when two pieces of metal are juuuust close to touch when vibrating.  Because resonators are completely metal they can develop buzzes. Here's out quick check list when encountering buzzing.  As is good advice for fixing anything, "try the easiest thing first". In any of these cases you are replicating the buzz and then touching the following parts of the guitar:

1. pickup - different locations

2. tailpiece - push it down

3. all areas around the perimeter of the coverplate. 

4. Saddle

Fixes for above

1. tighten or loosen both the humbucker height adjusting screws on either side of the pickup.  This will change the pickup's location and may bring it away from the top. 

2, Place a pad - a piece of leather or felt, under the tailpiece

3. Check the tightness of these screws. DON'T OVERTIGHTEN. You can strip the threads.  If they all seem snug sometimes loosening them and retightening can help. 

4.  Sometimes loosening the strings and tuning to pitch can resettle things.

Those are the easiest things first.   If you can't figure it out shoot me an email at muleresonators@gmail and we will figure it out together!