Charlie Hunter Mule

Charlie Hunter Mule

Can I geek out a bit? If it wasn’t for Charlie Hunter and then Kelly Joe Phelps I wouldn’t be making steel resos and casters, 700 people wouldn’t be making music on them and you and I wouldn’t know each other. ⁣

I got a guitar in high school, played it a bit, tried to sell it and then played it a lot. Then I saw Charlie’s video playing Just a Closer Walk With Thee on the original Just like everyone else my mind was blown. But what I was most changed by was that someone had built something completely new, teamed up with a master and together they put something even better into the world. I wanted to be part of that, I wasn’t meant to be the player, I wanted to be the potentiator. I wanted to build the thing. Man + machine. Charlie’s music and shows continued to be that inspiration. ⁣

I went to the Roberto Venn guitar making school immediately after high school. I made a bunch of crazy guitars, the energy trying to make something that was inspirational to people. Ten years later I saw Kelly Joe Phelps play his resonator and I saw people yell questions about it in between songs. It was an old thing but he played it in a totally new way. I could show people that new sound. So here we are. ⁣

I got a bit anxious even typing this. Good things ahead.

James Dove

Now thats a jam! Good stuff.