Mavis #0001

Mavis #0001

Production Mavis #0001, for Mr. Momoa. An electric semi hollow body archtop resonator made from torrefied Michigan Maple. Back arched by violin maker friend Chris Jacoby who really took it up a notch. The violin approach to carving the back made a HUGE difference between this one and the previous prototype which I carved myself with an even thickness across the back. I’m biased against a lot of luthiers hoopla, but this was a total game changer. We will start being able to put dents in the wait list for these in June.

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Bill B.

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Dave M.

Matt...I know I make a lot of comments on Instagram, etc...But unrestrained honoring of you & Patch for pouring so much heart, soul, craftsmanship, passion & priority for instruments being designed & crafted to levels unmatched by anyone else.  I'm looking forward to that day that you & I talk about what my instrument will be....and by the time this old boy in CA gets up on the second list who knows what twists & turns you may have on your workbench for us.  Stay well & Keep lifting up these Americana instruments & the artists who use your voiced-gifts so well.  Props my brother!!