How’s It Work? Mulecaster Necks

How’s It Work? Mulecaster Necks

How’s It Work? Mulecaster necks- The two main components to how I approach guitar making and design is balance and inspirational transparency. If a new T - bridge material will make things warmer, I’ll try 80/20 strings to add brightness. If an element of the guitar is naturally inclined to sound production I’ll find a structural element to take advantage of so everything can be true to its purpose. “Do what comes naturally” is as good guitar advice as it is life advice. ⁣

The mulecasters are kind of a neck through design. There’s a back bone - the neck, the neck stick, the bridge block and the strap button screw. The thick neck stick and block are screwed to the bridge. These things are naturally suited to supporting load. The system is closed via the long screw going through the strap button into the neck stick. The vertical side supports the screw and neck stick because it’s naturally good at supporting load. ⁣

The shell - the steel top and back - are naturally good at vibrating and producing sound. The back bone of the guitar supports kid and that lets the shell do the talking. Balance. Just like the resos I want to do things that let the pieces do what they are good at.⁣

As a builder I want to be inspirationally transparent- I want to combine materials and ideas that work together in inspirational ways with the player and stay out of their way.