In Gracious Cooperative Labor

When we don't find our 'why' everything is a chore.  Find it and everything becomes an opportunity. 

Work isn't just "a job" -  it provides purpose, satisfaction, and supplies relationships.   It's a mechanism for learning about ourselves, others, and living.  It gives us daily opportunities to grow by confronting us with unrelenting choices.  Our brains want to make our situation an exception but we all face the same questions - Step up or complain?  Give grace and understanding or react? Sit back to avoid responsibility or risk and serve? When we fail - sometimes spectacularly - how do we respond?   Work is part of human beings.  We need to do it. Staying at home from work isn't a much needed reset because we dont have to do it. What needs to be reset is our perspective on it, our intention toward it.
The transaction between my customers and I is a trade. They work - their life, their story, their service - their money is a physical representation of that.  These guitars are my life, my story, my service.  We become part of each other's stories and enhance them.   It is Grateful Cooperative Labor. 
In an unsure time I'm extra appreciative of this.  When I send out emails to people on the wait list to inform them the guitars will be behind this year, I would not blame anyone for not following through on purchasing an expensive guitar.  But instead of bailing people are offering to pay early. People wouldn't do this for an object. It is more than work, more than a job.  We give and receive things from work we cant in any other way. This is our opportunity to contribute. 
 Thats our why.  
Our additional owners certificate by Jack Baumgartner, who also made our other certificates and inside label, is a representation of that.  When you get the guitar you sign next to where we did. Both bringing something inspirational into the world.   The transaction is complete but the story continues.  Thanks to all past customers, current customers, and fans for appreciating it.