Wait list opens at 5 Pm EST

Wait list opens at 5 Pm EST
Time change to 5 pm. Jiujitsu is open again and I need to go see my people. The wait list has very limited amount of spots. It’s 1/6 of what we had been selling. When the wait list opened last time we had 150 people on the website and they clicked refresh 2300 times in 15 minutes. There will be an element of chance involved. It is a necessary change- there are 280 people on the wait list, 900 previous customers, and lots of prospective customers on four different platforms. That is half of what I do here and the other half is too complicated to explain because I’m still learning how complicated it is. I have five great employees. I want it to be what it is,- a dream come true. I’m being transparent here to hopefully provide some sense of scale. ⁣
Real talk: I want everyone to have a mule that wants one. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I see navigating covid things and being able to continue to support the six families who rely on me (and you) as my favorite success. It’s been stressful AF. ⁣
I understand it’s been stressful for everyone as well. Thank you to those who have navigated it with us with grace and acceptance. You’ve been examples and I am extra thankful for you. I was talking to a business friend of mine and I said “being a maker/owner always feels like ‘I have the most to be thankful for in the whole world and also ‘WTF is even happening right now”. Now for the real talk - when the waitlist thing happens I typically spend two days responding to emails to people who are angrily telling me things I should have done so they can get a guitar. I understand the frustration and where it comes from and I choose to take most of it as - “I really like your stuff”. But I’m a human being and it’s difficult to not let it ruin a couple days of my week. So this is a humble request for patience- for me, and for anyone you interact with in the business realm- workers, owners etc. People who own a business are by definition masters of staying calm while burning alive. Hand ‘em a glass of water. ⁣
Forgiveness is the ultimate expression of love and strength, and the sturdiest foundation of change. The root of forgiveness is consistent awareness of your own mistakes and shortcomings and recognizing them in yourself when you see them in others. #2021
Joseph d.

Thanks for this - Its incredible to me to see small business owners navigate through this difficult time and continue to do it with a smile and dedication. You guys are awesome, keep rocking! Also, if you have time, keep the Landreth and Posen videos coming :)