Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Tyler Bryant. Epic photo by W Whittman 

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

These guitars are incredibly different. Uncomfortably different.

You may get one and play your go-to riffs and think “what have I done? This is not for me.” What you’ve done is something incredibly powerful and something most players are unwilling to do - be pushed. Being pushed doesn’t mean putting more time into your bread and butter it means taking off your floaties on day one of swim class and throwing yourself into the deep water. Your brain will fight this by coming up with all sorts of rational sounding reasons for you to put your cute little floaties back on. Your brain is a liar. Go swim.

You don’t have to live in the deep water but you do have to learn from it. Whether it be in your personal life or musically you always grow the most, get the most benefit from, contribute the most from what you learn while being uncomfortable. You need people or things to help take you there. This is why Olympians athletes need coaches, why therapists have therapists. You do the work but you can’t do it on your own.

That’s these guitars and the community of players they are a part of. They can push you to play like you never would have played, to hear new players, to meet people you never would have met. It’s more than just “stuff”, another guitar hanging on the wall. If you let it. Go swim. @thetylerbryant