Let go.

Let go.

Let go. 

We get in our own way when we approach the guitar with facts and figures and preconceived notions.   We think we like certain measurements and dislike others.   We 'would never ____' and "really like____'. But oftentimes we end up in our tiny little unpainted corner listening to the same stuff, playing the same things and never getting anywhere.  

Let. Instruments. Take. You. Places.  

It might feel wrong or weird or uncomfortable. But there's a reason I don't have any of the typical specs on this website - I want you to get out of your head.  Just pick it up and play it.   Embrace the potential discomfort and find your way out of it. Thats the journey.  You'll like where it leads. 


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Bob L.

I am very interested in your resonators, however I am 73 years old and can no longer play a guitar the size of a dreadnaught. My hope is that your resonator is the size of a 00 or 000 or parlor body size, which I can handle well and play well.  So specs and facts and figures can matter and make a difference to some individuals, and perhaps matter little to others. Can you possibly help me understand the body size and nut size of your resonator?  Thank you.  

Brian H.

Hey Bob, 

Just compared, very similar to the size of my 00-17, albeit a little wider at the waist. I've always disliked dreads for my personal comfort level with them, and the body size on the mule is really comfortable. It's not a light guitar by any means mind you :)



Bob L.

Hey Brian,  Thanks for your input. I decided to go with a Republic resonator Highway 61. There was more technical / specification info available about Republic resonators. I'm happy with my decision, it's working out very well for me. The Republic is not a light guitar, I play it while sitting on a stool resting on my leg, this works well. Thanks, Bob