The Mule Bus

The Mule Bus

We bought a van. ⁣

We know it’s best to say thank you in person. We want to say thank you to you Mule-fiends and all the musicians who use our instruments for a living. ⁣

Mule has always been about people - connecting them through “check out this awesome player”. It’s a conscious decision I made 10 years ago when I started Mule. Less technical guitar talk and more, “Here play it… fun, right?” Watching people play our guitars is my greatest joy, there’s nothing like it and it’s almost impossible to express. ⁣

So let’s connect. Let’s take Mule on the road. The musicians we love are touring again and that’s a huge deal. What if we turn a sprinter into a camper, load it full of cool guitars, hot dogs and beer and tailgate some Charlie Parr shows in Colorado? Maybe before Jeffrey Foucault’s show in Des Moines we park it someplace nice and hang out as like minded lovers of great music. When Ariel Posen is in Chicago let’s pre-game and show up ready to rock. ⁣Get out of the shop a bit to stop by say hi, bring some guitars, and have some fun.

There’s value in the connection we build through these digital means. There’s more value in sharing in experiences. See you there.