The Mule Bus

The Mule Bus

The Mule Bus has been wrapped and we are getting along just fine. Just need to finish the flooring, install some rear seats and bed and then we are ready to take this show on the road. Mule has always been about what has brought me the most joy - connecting human beings. Our “marketing” has always been “hey check out this cool musician”. Our guitar show “sales pitch” has been “here play it”. Our market research has been “isn’t this fun? Where are you from?” Trying to remind people that guitars are more about people and less about stuff.

And now we are bringing that to your town. We want to make a big deal about the fact that the professional musicians who play our guitars are on the road again. We are going to load up the mule bus with hot dogs and Faygo and cool guitars and tailgate the shows we’ve been sharing videos of for the last ten years. We will let you know where and when. See ya then.


Julian D.

Midland native down in Ann Arbor. Cant wait to see where you guys go! Hopefully get to see you down this way sometime.