Case of the Mondays

It’s not just fun and games here at Mule HQ. 
I mean… it’s a lot of that. 
But it’s a complex operation with lots of logistics and not much margin for error. It’s really hard. The rollercoaster meme of business ownership “this is the most fun thing ever… holy shit the coaster is on fire and we are all going to burn to death and then drown in the pond” is true. 
Yesterday was a crash and burn day.  10 years in though and there’s been many days/weeks/months like that and it’s much less shocking.  I went to Walgreens to buy another bag of KitKats to stress eat. Tanya, the older lady who works at Walgreens who asked me to sign my first autograph, has cut me off of coffee drinks and Red Bulls. Bless her soul. So just KitKats and sour gummy bears. The Haribo ones because I have standards.  I mainly just go over there because Tanya and Doreen have had harder lives than me and they still make me feel like a million bucks and I want them to teach me how to do that. 
Then Jim and Ryan came to the shop. Jim is surfer from Florida who dropped off an unobtainable piece of Koa to me years ago. We had never met before.  Great conversation. 
Then Mike came to the shop to pick up his Mule. He had just gotten back from taking his class to Scotland. My favorite spot on earth. My return trip was canceled two weeks before I left because of Covid. He told me about the trip and this amazing technical high school he teaches at.  Twenty minutes in and we hadn’t even gotten through the doorway. 
Then I got (another) bottle of Blanton’s from an absolute Mule-freak fan Justin. He sent it just because he is awesome. 
Then Marcus posted this video of him doing that thing that no one else can do.  I texted him a thank you for being part of making my day. 
If yesterday was about the stuff, proficiency, business acumen…. Huge f—— whiff. 
But people… good people just being who they are and sharing it with others. No fake virtue video to promote themselves, no overwhelming gesture, just being kind. Total game changer. Maybe with out them I got more grumpy than I was and cut some off in traffic and passed on my bad mood. Maybe they were life changing. Maybe you can be too, today.