Wadding #1269 Build Video

Wadding #1269 Build Video


“You need to get on TikTok.”

That might be true and I’m old, out of touch and a bit pretentious.

“No one watches longer videos.” Also probably true and I’m just too wordy and too fascinated by the details.

In the constant reassessment of how to show people what we do I’ve thought about all the things a half dozen times. and then @branlinshockey came to the shop to film a tv episode. He and his director of photography came to tell a story and tell it beautifully. Seeing their work and creativity and emotion involved was captivating. Their commitment. There was no talk of strategy or timing or algorithms. It was just to make something beautiful. That thinking led us to Nashville to deliver a special instrument and to hang out all night with a group of insane players. Another story. This was the way. It aligns with insight from the beginning of Mule- if everyone is doing the same things, using the same words then maybe it’s time to start a new conversation.

So I bought a cinema camera, trying to figure out all its little buttons and fancy words, and have been trying to learn how to show you better stories. A beginner, again. An example above. You’ve said you wanted build videos, here ya go. It’s not instructional. It’s a person, Denis, making a guitar for a person, Paul with a song played by Oliver. People. Grateful cooperative labor. I’m excited to show you Mule in a new perspective.


Anton T.

Thank you for constantly pushing yourself, and for sharing the fruits of your labor with us.