Flashback to Mule Bus Stop Numero Uno

Flashback to Mule Bus Stop Numero Uno


What happens at Mule Bus stays at Mule Bus.

Flashback to the first: Fretboard Summit/Ariel Posen in Chicago. During Fretboard I stopped at Walgreens to live my best snack life and walked passed a display for “The World’s Hottest Chip” that came as a single chip in a cardboard coffin case. “I might need these for something,” the devil on my left shoulder hip tossed the angel off my right and I bought two.

When I got back to my booth the first person who came to the table was the charming, personable, eternally positive @zeppelinbarnatra. The devil poked me with that little pitchfork of his and a few hours later I dared Murphy that he couldn’t play Danny Gatton while his insides were burning. We ate the Worlds Hottest Chip together under a Chicago storefront overhang and he proved me wrong. The lactose free milk I had bought was missing the key comfort ingredient - lactose - and our suffering continued through the night.

By the time @arielposen was playing Murphy and I were basically sitting on the floor in the back of Schuba’s praying for our intestines to stop burning as @adammillerguitar and @tac.guitar stood laughing at our discomfort and also cheering us up.

We’ve got a whole bunch of Mule Bus Stop tailgates coming up starting next week. We tailgate at shows to support Mule players, I bring guitars you can try, and beer and we end up being friends in the real world. I won’t make to eat anything painful.

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