Gig Bag for a Mule?

Adam K.

Anybody have any recommendations for a good gig bag that can handle the weight of the Mule? Thanks in advance!

Here's a video of me and my Mule from a couple of years ago:

Mean Old Fireman

I've had good luck with the Mono M80, medium size. (The parlor is too short.) As mentioned, it provides no protection for the bridge area, so I only use it when I am the only one handling the guitar. 


Very pretty playing Adam. Much enjoyed.

Adam K.

Thanks Geoff!

Adam K.

Thanks guys! I'll probably go that route.


Another vote for Mono gig bags. Mine has held up through years and miles. 

Matt E.

Hey Adam!  I think I've had a couple guys use the Mono classical case for their Mules.   The Hiscox hardshell cases are really nice and similar money - classical medium cases fit well, but you need a soft pad to take up a little space on the top.  Their small cases fit well, but the top is touching the coverplate so if their is any amount of squish it can compress it into the cones.  

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