Resonator Specs?

Resonator Specs?

Hi, I'm interested in learning about the specs of the Resonator Tri-cone. Mine is on order and I want to AB it with my current guitars, particularly the weight.  I plan to order a steel 12-fret with pickup. Are the specs available somewhere on the website?

Thomas M.

I just received my mule resonator. What a wonderful instrument and a joy to play. I Want to buy a custom sized capo. What is the exact radius of the fretboard?

want to buy a custom sized capo. What is the exact radius of the fretboard?


Art H.

Matt, got my Mavis and wanted to know what strings it came with, great sound.  Also action is higher on base strings than treble strings at 12th fret which is different than my steel Mule resonator (by design?). When changing strings is it best to take plate off, very small clearance otherwise.  Thanks, Art

Jon K.

Matt, I had one of your guitars for a couple of years and I loved it but I sold it because it was just too heavy for me when I stood to play.   Is there any way you might make them a little lighter, say 2-3 pounds.  thanks


Matt E.

Hey Heng! The weight is 9.5 pounds so they are definitely on the heavier side of things.  25" scale length with 1 3/4" nut width.  2 5/16" string spacing at the saddle.



Great, thanks, Matt. According to National Resophonic's website one of their Style 2, 3, or 4, tricones weighs in at 9 libs, so same ballpark.

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