Wooden Mule


Any spec's, pic's and pricing of the wood mule?

John M.

Does anyone know if the top and back are completely flat or do they contain a slight radius. Seems like the top and back could be thicker than a regular flattop because you want the resonator to produce the sound, not the top. Therefore with a heavier build you might not need the extra strength that an arched top and back provide?? Would love to hear thoughts on this!


Matt E.

Hey John - both the top and back have a slight radius, a bit shallower than normal acoustic guitars.  The top is thicker since that is taking about most of the support responsibilities.  But the back is normal acoustic back thickness.  The idea that you want the cone to "do the talking" is one way to build resonators, but we want to build resonators that kind of bridge the gap between traditonal reso tone and acoustic guitars.  We do that mainly by treating the backs of the guitar smore like acoustic guitar backs than has been the case.



John M.

Interesting, thanks for the explanation.

stunning guitar!!

Matt E.

Hey Mike!  the body is torrefied maple. Pricing will be similar to resos but it will they will only be available off the website (now wait list) and whenever I make them. Sometimes I get the fever! You'll want to stay tuned to the emails. It will be a few months before I start selling them. 

Alex H.

really cool

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