Guitar Option Sound Clips

A note: Sound is influenced by many things. The player playing the guitar, the guitar itself, the kind of mic we used to record, the computer we used to record it, the speakers/sound capabilities of your computer/phone, etc. Sound also varies from guitar to guitar. It's consistent enough that we can describe some of the differences, but individual enough to say that each guitar has slightly it's own voice. Your guitar will sound awesome when it leaves the shop and for as long as you have it. We hope that these clips, and the other music you can find on this site featuring a Mule will help you in the selection process. On to the music!

Brass Single Cone 

Brass Tri-Cone

Steel Single Cone Clip #1 (Same guitar for #1, #2, and #3. Jason was ripping and we didn't want to stop him.)

Steel Single Cone Clip #2

Steel Single Cone Clip #3

Steel Tri-Cone Clip #1

Steel Tri-Cone Clip #2