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No fluff or fuss, just quick and dirty answers to the most frequently asked questions. Don't get caught up the specs too much - if a number isn't what you're used to it will be ok.  All guitars have different feels and sounds, and if it's not what you're used to thats a strength - let it influence your playing into new things.  It's incredibly valuable.  


The options we offer are our only options. If it's not currently on the website we dont offer it. 

All resonators are tricone.  

 Yes we make Lefties  

Both resonators and mulecasters come with our mini humbuckers only  

Brass is slightly warmer than steel. The difference is subtle. 

Ebony dots on the fingerboard extension starting at the 13th fret cover neck attachment screws that every resonator has. They blend in with teh fingerboard and keep the look subtle instead of using big honkin' pearl dots. 

These guitars aren't "set up for slide" - I'm a believer there is no such thing - there's just more practicing with a slide. Making the action high limits what non-slide music you can play on that guitar.  No bueno.  Resos are set up like acoustic guitars. Mulecasters are set up like electric guitars.  

We can’t take payments ahead of your guitar being completed.  I’ll send you the invoice for the remainder when the guitar is complete  

Your price is locked in when you put a deposit in. 

Mulecasters are made from steel and are hollow neck throughs.

All necks are roasted maple. We offer two versions of roasted maple necks. Quartersawn and flame.  "Flame" is just fancy figuring.  There's no difference in stability or sound between a flame neck or quartersawn. 

Having a cutaway or pickup does not affect the acoustic quality of the guitar. 

You can either do a baritone mulecaster OR have a Hipshot. Cant do both. 

We are "semi-custom" That means our options are our current options.  You can specify a light or dark patina..  But we cant match it to a picture. Every guitar is unique and its part of the fun. 

What your favorite neck thickness might be your favorite neck thickness for the guitar you own, but it may not be what works with my neck shape.  I've tried to combine the aspects of thick and thin, V and C necks into something anyone can appreciate. 1300 necks later and lots of "man this guitar is heavy... and has the best neck I've ever felt." And I think I've found it.

The body is stainless steel - it wont rust.

The options are the options - if its not on the deposit page we don't offer it. 

All our guitars use Mule Tomthumbuckers - low output minhumbuckers - only. 

The scale length on both guitars are 25", including baritone mulecasters.   

The nut width is  1 3/4 on resos and 1 5/8" on mulecasters.  These are standard acoustic guitar and Fender nut widths. 

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