Adjustable trucker hat. They are cool. Free shipping.

These will ship out the Thursday of each week. We are a tiny tiny little operation and the post office is a slowly operating thing. I appreciate the understanding.

If you're outside the US, there will be $15 added to shipping because unfortunately you are far away from Mule HQ.

Bill B.

These are really sweet!

Tim O.

Thanks for feedback on how you get these made.  The patches are made at a place called The Studio or is that meant to be literal that you actually make the patches.  Love these hats so much I want them made (different colors and logo of course!) for my business too if that's cool with you!!  Any help to get these made would be awesome.

Tim O.

I love this hat!!! It's my personal favorite.  Who made it for you?  Tip of the cap to them.  I ask because I'd love to have them made a few for me and my business too!!

Matt E.

They are Otto hats I get from Cap Bargain. I have the patches made at THe Studio and put them on here. 

Matt M.

Hey Matt,

I unfortunately sacrificed my Mule hat in the waters off the Napali Coast in Kauai last night. I’m ordering another and hoping you might have a black hat available? Thanks my friend, hope you’re well, cheers!


Tucker Rogers

Hi Matt! I've got some production work coming up and I was wondering if you were ever thinking of putting the black hats with the gray patch back on offer anytime. 

Matt E.

We have some black hats with an orange patch... will that do ya?

Tucker Rogers

the orange is kinda the dealbreaker....but God invented Sharpies:)

Mark N.

Ditto. My daughter is a personal stylist. According to her, orange doesn't work for me so I need black with grey patch, please.

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