Joey Landreth Slide Lesson


From deep within the realms of quarantine in Winnipeg Mr. Landreth drops some knowledge on learning the fretboard in open D, and shares a couple ideas on becoming familiar with it.

The lesson is about 10 minutes long and is accessible to those of us learning open tunings. I've been playing almost exclusively in open D with a couple years and I got a couple tricks to try from it too! You don't need to worry about the info going over your head. These lessons are ideas you can start using right away.

They are also an excellent way of supporting musicians while their shows are canceled during the COVID situation.  You will be given a link upon payment to view the videos. 

Nicholas L.

Good video.  Always good to get a lesson from a pro.  Even having played open tuning, a few twists to expand my playing. 

Would be great to have some chordal lessons: triads and substitutions and beyond.