Ariel Posen - Standard Tuning Slide

Ariel Posen - Standard Tuning Slide

"You can play slide in standard tuning????" Prior to Mule I had only heard of Warren Haynes doing this and it made no sense that was possible

Ariel shows you its not.  He goes over a few simple ideas - slide technique, right hand muting, and a great trick to learning the fretboard that you can use for anything, and then how to go about coming up with slide inflection with it.  

I've been playing slide for two years now and these are things I wish I had known but just never came across on my own. This lesson is super valuable.

This lesson is 10 minutes, with some short and very useful tips.  You're not going to be overrun with theory, they are useable ideas for the casual guitar player.   And all the money goes to the players - a good way to help them while they are holed up because of COVID canceled concerts.  After purchase you'll receive the lesson link in your email.  DO NOT SHARE THE LINK.  That's stealing from a musician sharing his goodness while they are trying to navigate this time.  Dont be a dirtbag.