Mavis for sale

Mavis for sale
Sold Out

Mavis available immediately. If you’re on the waitlist and purchase this guitar let me know and I can refund your deposit if you choose. 

Matt E.

Hey Scott!  That one actually just sold.   I have another guitar thats available as of today - the customer ended up moving during the build process and cant follow through with the order.  Whats your email address? I can send you pictures. 


justin k.

Hi Matt,  I tried contacting you about this one also but you must have missed my messages.   I would be interested in learning more about the other one you have available as of today if Scott B doesn't take it.    I am on the waiting list for one and my email address is on that order.


Scott B.

Is that Mavis still for sale, was thinking getting it for my son’s birthday?