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$2800 shipped. Select available guitars from the drop down box to see pictures of that instrument  if no instruments are listed they are sold out  

Behold! The Modest Mavis. Modest in appointments but not in sonic inspiration.   I want to get these powerful music tools to more people so we are doing things a bit differently.

But first about the guitar.  It's just like our normal Mavis but to bring the cost down: 1. Flat back instead of arched. 2. Nor binding or purfling. It's a hammer in the toolbox.

Almost all of these guitars are aged in some way.

How do you get one?

Available guitars are released before noon EST on Mondays. Select from the drop down menu to see the exact instruments in stock currently and available.  If there are none, they are sold out and check back next Monday! If you are international then after paying for you I'll send you another invoice for DHL shipping. Canada is around $300, UK/Europe around $550 and Australia around $1000. 

There will be no wait list for these or custom orders. We will make them as we can and post them here. This will be the only way to purchase them. Deposits for  other instruments can not count towards these.

For a video talking about them -

How do they sound? -

All sales are final. 


Ian P.

Any chance of a left-hand version soon?

Matt E.

We can make ya one! We love lefties! Send us an email. 

Derrick  N.

Case included?

Glenn P.

Yes, I received mine yesterday with a tweed thermometer case.

Joey P.

The description says "no knobs" but there is one present on #658. Is that just a new feature you decided to add for "volume"? 

Thank you very much.

Glenn P.

Ok, i just received the #659 that I ordered Monday and mine has one knob and it works. So, I stand corrected. 


Joey P.


I see there is one yet for sale but the photo shows two different versions. How do I tell which is still available? I can't find a phone number either.

Thanks very much.

Glenn P.

Click on the please select an option above add to chart and Modest Mavis # 658 will appear. Click on that and pictures of the model will be shown.


I just purchased this model 05/01/24, what is the cost of the guitar case.


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