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Select from the drop down menu to see the exact instruments in stock currently and available.  If there are none, they are sold out and check back for more!

$2700 shipped, in stock and ready to go immediately. These are inspirational musical tools and we wanted to come up with a way to get them to you quicker. 

There will be no wait list for these or custom orders. We will make them as we can and post them here. This will be the only way to purchase them. Sign up on the email list at the top of this page or the main page for the first heads up. 

For a video talking about them -

How do they sound? -

Flat back, except on a couple prototype models listed here. They weight 6.5 lbs. No knobs which gives the guitar a little more air and transparency. Custom hard shell case. 

Cody B.

I don’t know how but I didn’t make it in time.  Great buying opportunity for everyone who snagged one! 

Bruce L.

Already sold out? Had it in my cart and had to work for a few hours. Let me know if any fall through.

Bruce L.

are they all cutaways?

Matt E.

Options will change with each instruments - the one available as of this message is the first cutaway. 

Joshua M.

Left handed models?

Matt E.

Great idea! We will make a couple and put them up. 

Patch B.

Hey Matt, are you guys sipping to Australia? 

Matt E.

We are, but DHL shipping has gone up considerably. The quote I got a couple weeks ago was $1400. We used USPS to ship it but it is substantially riskier, and it may not be an option depending on how that one works out. 

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