I’ve been making #600, a woody Mule, with Pops Mule. 

It’s been an awesome thing to share with someone who has shared so much with me. 

And no no you can’t buy one...yet.   When one comes available I'll put an email out and it will be listed on the website.  If there isn't one listed under "Products" there isn't one available.  That will be the only way to purchase them.


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If I don't get a chance to buy Charlies, assuming he moves it on and I hear about it. Then I shall buy one from you. If you start making them..... Cheers.

Dave M.

Hi Matt...zero press from me ...you’ve got a giant load ahead. Just wondered how your project with your dad went.  That’s so awesomely special to work together I’m happy to just be somewhere down a long list of Major fans for ya

Dave M.

Matt....any updates on the Woody-Mule that you & pops made?  Maybe I missed it....I'm sure it is spectacular!!   If only I could fly back there & make some $$deposits.....when this virus wall is safely down....your Mule-Addict-Dave in CA

Matt E.

Hey Dave, I’m not going to be making these until we get a handle on the extensive Mavis list unfortunately. 

Gilly B.

It will be mine

Kevin B.

The #600 Woody Mule is looking like a thing of beauty. Sign me up for news about this fine instrument.

Cheers from San Francisco, CA  :-)