Welcome to the first installment of Mule Basics!  I'll be answering the most common questions when it comes to these majestic resonator guitar beauties and their quirkiness. Let's go!

Common Question #1:  Do options like the cutaway and pickup (minihumbucker) affect the acoustic tone of the instrument? 

Short answer - no way.   Sure, it does in theory. But this only matters to guys who spend too much time arguing on internet forums. And that's not you!  We know you and you're cool. You just want to know about these guys and play them and have fun.  In reality it is totally imperceptible.   I've heard 600 of these guitars and no way could I tell the difference.  

Options that do affect acoustic tone are body material, steel or brass, and cone configuration. I can tell the difference - brass is a bit warmer on the low end of things than steel. Single cones have more head room and attack, but tricones are sweeter and more wood guitar-like.  I can hear the difference in both these options, but again after hearing 600 of them.  THe difference is probably in the last 20% things. So don't freak out!  There is no perfect. Get what you think is cool and then love it to death.