The MAVIS.  Semi hollow, all roasted Michigan maple. 

It's part archtop guitar part resonator. And something completely different to your ear.  It's weird, it will push you. You'll find something new. 

This is a very tentative waitlist. The guitar will be delivered some time in 2020. I'm still working out how this fits in the schedule. They will be made in very limited quantities. 

This wait list is for you if you are patient, open minded, and willing to take a leap.  No money deposit, when one is done I'll get a hold of whoever is next and offer it to them.



jim M.

@Matt correct me if I am wrong but won't Mavis be the first ever steel/resonator archtop guitar? In some ways its a bit like putting a turbo on a supercharged engine!


Michael B.

I’m very interested to hear and see more of this guitar!