I’ll be on my way to the Tippy Dam area of the Manistee National Forest here in Michigan in search of some summer run steelhead and to pedal some bike, two of my happy places. This means any inquiries and questions while I’m away will go unanswered, most likely permanently. I apologize for this -I care a lot about communication and want to be able to do all the things for the people who choose our work. . But any time I take a break I cram to catch up and then end up worse for wear. I might be doing it wrong, but going through the process of respecting my limitations. It was my privilege to navigate Mule through a curveball of year so far and we are in a great spot. It did take a lot. And with all the yelling and uncertainty in the world there’s an undercurrent of weariness I would like to address. Being in nature reduces things to its simplest state, being on a bike reduces the mental chatter. ⁣ It will be lovely and I’m feeling that excitement to hit the road.


Love is a coin. There is good and bad in all of us. Love is actively remembering this and acting accordingly. We think we know the exceptions to this rule but we can only see them when we act as if there are none. And they are even more rarely people who simply disagree. This is the Hard Love that changes the world. ⁣

Hate is anger unguided by love and empathy. This unprincipled anger is what ruins us. I am guilty. Frequently. Empathy is recognizing someone else’s perceived failings in ourselves first and can often be the first step towards real love and getting back on track.