Charlie Parr guitar Raffle

Charlie Parr guitar Raffle

Raffle! Charlie Parr is offering up his woody Mule to benefit Life House of Duluth, a charity that offers unconditional support to homeless youth. This is one of three wooden resonators I’ve made, and in collaboration with Charlie, the only 7 string (doubled G) Tickets are $100. Go to to buy. Once 100 tickets have been purchased the winner will be picked at random via some fancy computer thing I’ll find.

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Jason S.

Any word on who won?

Matt E.

Spenser A. won!


ooooh when is the drawing? Today? Can we watch it live? 

Thaddeous L.

Fantastic - Charlie’s music has contributed so much to our family’s healing over the last couple of years.


Thanks Charlie for your artistry. 


Yay Mule!

Andy Williams

this is so cool!!!

I saw him play a few years back hear in Toronto ( Canada ) . he was beyond great. I don't think he played this guitar then . is this open to Canadian mule /   Carlie fans?

when does the raffle end?


Dave M.

As a Psychiatric Social Worker, I've served my 45+yr career serving special needs youth & families....This is AWESOMENESS!


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