Black Market Mules

I've seen a couple Mules on Reverb for around $6,000. Here are some thoughts.  

Free market and all that so if someone can buy a guitar from us fro $3000 and sell it for twice that I suppose its cool.  Some would say "you need to raise your prices" But I don't want to. And theres a difference between selling many guitars at a price and getting lucky and selling one at that price.  

It's more important to me that people considering such a purpose know a few things.  First, the warranty only extends to the original owner.   AFter it leaves the original owner its hard to keep track of whats what, so any repair issue you would be responsible for.

Secondly, know that our guitars have not always cost what they cost now.  As I built more guitars they got better, and were worth more money.  We are at around 800 now. If you bought one around the 200's it might have cost $2000 less. If you're cool with that than its all good.  Just dont get taken for a ride by someone trying to make a quick buck off our relative success.