This theme keeps coming up this week - community and connection.
The Mule-tide Christmas videos are an example of this. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed to inaction by thinking too big -“How can I help everyone who needs help?” The problem too big for a solution we end up thinking instead of doing.
And it’s at these times where connection to people in a community comes in most strongly. When we are hurt it’s not a system that helps us, it’s the people we feel connected to. When we need to be held accountable it’s the same people. When we need to share our joys it’s the same people. “Your decisions are your life,”... and so are these people.
Since the beginning I have built guitars to build this connection to other people. This is the mechanism to build something bigger than ourselves. We become part of each other’s stories. I hear about your kids going to college, I get pictures of your weddings, I watch you play things on these guitars I never could. I’ve done things I literally never dreamed of because of you. This is important. This is connection and community. This is how we write our story. The mule-tide videos have been a way I’ve tried to thank you for that and to contribute to that community. Hopefully they’ve encouraged you. Thanks to all and Merry Christmas!