Waitlist Opens April 1st at 6 pm EST

If you want to buy a Mule you need to get on the waitlist.  How do you get on the wait list?

The wait list opens on the 1st of every month at  6 PM EST. When the clock strikes 6 you will be able to add the deposit of the guitar you want to your cart and check out.  You can find the guitars here: https://www.muleresophonic.com/products

There are a limited amount of spots and many people trying to get them.  They typically sell out anywhere from five minutes to an hour after posting.   IN the case of it selling in just a few minutes there's an element of chance involved.  Even though you may have shown up early and were furiously clicking "refresh" doesn't guarantee a spot.  I know that can be frustrating!  I appreciate your patience and your enthusiasm! I want everyone to have a Mule to make music on. But as the wait list as grown the amount of communication necessary has become A LOT, and I'm trying to find ways of navigating it.  Right now this is the way!


Henry N.

Hi Matt, I live in Kent, England and I notice that you are not taking international orders but can I order for a delivery in the US? say, to NYC?

Really beautiful instruments!!!!
Henry Nolan

Matt E.

Hey Henry! Good idea but no, not currently.