Mavis #100

Mavis #100

Mavis #100 and #100.2 with newly available options of flame top and neck and F-holes.

What is the Mavis? You tell us. I first posted a picture of the Mavis before it was finished and said “I don’t know what it is or when it will be done but get on the list if you want”. 100 people signed up in two weeks. The next time the waitlist opened 100 signed up in two days.

100 of them are in the world now and I still can’t tell you what it is. Some people record it acoustically. Many of them with a mic on the amp and on the guitar. Songwriters strum them. Jazz guys do their jazzy things. Some slide with them. They can be set up with 17-64 strings and tuned to baritone.

Inspiration is not an ambiguous feeling choosing blessed appointees at random. You can build it. You can build something new but it has to be something people are willing to show up for. People who are willing to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Having to throw what you do out the window for a time and go with where you get pushed. These guitars are here to push you. The waitlist opens tonight at 6 pm EST. 


Absolute beauties!