I’m not goal-oriented. I used to think that was a problem, so I did the notebook thing. It didn’t really motivate me so I stopped. Then started again because everyone talks about it. Then stopped again.

My process is this: answer “What’s the end game?” Then make a system.

Answering “what’s the end game?” is a deeper question than a probably inaccurate goal. Fleshing out the answer helps me make decisions that could have lots of right answers. It helps me figure out where whatever I’m considering sits in my priorities, and seeing the system (the doing part) shows me if I’m under-prioritizing or over-prioritizing.

Setting goals can often not take into account your priorities or the limits of your resources. It can often turn into “I want to make $1,000,000 and be the best family man and be jiujitsu world champion and fish three days a week and....” More like a bucket list than a useful goal. The machine we build our life into are made up of pieces - priorities, finite resources of time, energy, and money and skills. Refining how those fit together will get usually get us somewhere acceptably close to where we want to be.