Scotland Trip

Scotland Trip

“I’m going to say something that might sound a little crazy,” James, the director for a video done at the shop in 2017, said. “You guys are kind of each other’s spirit animals.” Dave and I were already friends but this was the first time we met. He had flown over from the UK last minute to play for the video. We felt like highschool buddies.

I was under qualified when I started Mule. No metal work experience. No college. No help. My back would go out from built up tension and I got pneumonia.Then this fella with a big voice and great hair from the UK came along and bought #42. He unleashed a musical passion with that guitar I hadn’t seen before. He tattooed the Mule logo ON HIS HAND. He trusted me and so I learned to trust myself.

Dave was recently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. We hatched a plan to see as many things as we could in our favorite place: Scotland. We’ve spent the last week seeing every amazing thing we could. He knew every shortcut and story. The first time he used his cane in public was to climb 248 stairs to the top of the William Wallace Monument, seeing the legendary sword along the way. A pretty good first impression.

I was unqualified to lift this 500 year old manhood stone: The Sadlin’ Mare of Sma Glen. I grew up in a Highland Games town watching giants do impossible things. Lifting a historic stone was bucket list stuff. I have practice stones at home and I knew this 220 lb stone was too heavy for me. But here I was.   A successful lift is resting the “saddle” stone on top. There’s a moment during the attempt where I paused because I was failing.   My arms were shot and my legs were rubber. I heard Dave say, “ A bit more... that’s it you got it.” I trusted him again.

I thought about why I was there. The last stop on a perfect trip with an amazing friend in the most beautiful place on earth. “This isn’t for me.” The best end to this story would be a thank you to him. It would be done however necessary. I used my face. I used my skull. I pivoted it to find extra inches. It took almost three excruciating minutes. I felt it settle. Success. His encouragement pushed me like it had 10 years ago.

Cheers to Dave, the absolute best.


Steve G.

Matt: I think you were good for about 180.  Appears Dave handled the remainder for you.

Paul  S.

That was a fantastic effort. Great job! 

- pds

Hansa C.

SUPER HERO!! Amazing!! All the best for 2024 from Berlin, Germany!!!