An amazing story.

“Greetings Matt/Mule Team. I ordered my Mule in June 2019. There was a 9-12 month wait. Eight months later my build started on February 6,2020, it was completed on Feb 24th.  I received my Mule February 26, 2020.
 So, “where is the story  in this” you ask? While serving in the USAF, my first son was born February 6, 1996, passed away February 24, 1996, and was buried February 26, 1996. So my Mule was begun on son’s birthday , completed the day of his passing, and arrived home to me the day he was buried. Twenty four years later. 
 Also, lest I forget that it is the cat and I at home. Nobody else lives with us. I have been single and on my own most of my adult life. I received my Mule at the end of February 2020, right before COVID-19 mess with everything shutting down, quarantined ,all businesses were back ordered. It was just my Mule, cat, and me at home. They were good times.
 Anyways, this is my Mule/guitar story. For me, it is a story of blessings and miracles. God turning tragedy into triumph, in His glory. I am glad we are witnesses to see the light burn away the dark. I have far more vested in my Mule and music now besides time and money. I am thankful beyond words. Please feel free to use my and my son's Taylor story for a positive purpose and share the love of music please do.  
 I thank you for your time and patience.
                                                                          James Dove”

For the past 12 years when someone receives final pictures of their instrument I have thanked them for being part of the story.   The story of us coming together in this moment - a culmination of experiences manifested in a combination of elements - to create a means of expressing feelings for which there are no words. These moments of connected humanity that can only be conveyed while be carried by sounds - feelings hidden behind a sacred curtain, reserved for moments like these that transcend understanding. Music separates them from words of daily use. 

These things land hard with me. They transcend understanding. Some of you get this.   You feel hurts harder, struggle more, find suffering where others don't.   Moments like this are your joy too - you feel them harder, find more meaning, hold more awe for them. It's not "just a coincidence".  I'm sharing John's experience so that you see it, and see this as a reminder that who you are and how you show up in the world is a blessing. The lows can be lower, but the highs... man... the highs... 

I got a Mule in the barn just waiting to be born, I know when he arrives  he's going to want to come out and play, I'll be sure and see to it he gets plenty of exercise and all the play time he desires.