The Mavis

The Mavis

New sounds inspire new songs.

The MAVIS. I made the first after my brain ran downhill one weekend coming up with a guitar for a friend. I set out to make it the following week. It’s a combination of elements of guitars I love all wrapped in one roasted basswood and maple package. Over 700 of these have been made in both the MAVIS and Modest Mavis versions since then. They’ve slowly acquired new expressions. I think about the music made with them with a bit of reverence.

It was really interesting getting them out into the world. One person would hear a banjo and proceed accordingly. Adam Levy says, “it’s the most jazz box sounding guitar I have” Many people play it mainly unplugged even though its original iteration was a solid body.

All that to say is….. I love them. Thanks for making them part of your music.