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Price - $3900. Wait time 17 months for future customers. 

Wait list opens the 1st of each month at 6 pm EST. Open spots are very limited and sell out very quickly. 

Your deposit locks in your price and wait time.

We are not currently taking international orders.

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Deposit is included in the total cost.  

All resonators are tricones.

Pickup -$160

Brass - $200

Cutaway - $200.

Powdercoat - $150   Red, Black, light blue, green, copper, Mustard, Gold

Any changes to this page only affect people not on the list.  If you've sent in a deposit your price and wait time are locked in. 

Price includes hardshell case. 

How To Buy A Mule

Step One: Make a deposit. We can talk options later, you don't have to decide now. Your order confirmation email will  have your wait time and locked in price. 

Step Two: About two months or so before we begin your guitar you'll get an e-mail to confirm options.

Step Three: When you get the snazzy completed pictures you pay the remainder, we ship it to you and you are happy.

FINANCING AVAILABLE -  We work with a financing company to provide monthly installments. Get on the list. Apply with them. They deposit the amount in your bank account. You pay us the full remainder and then pay them back in installments. Interest rate depends on your credit score. Click below to apply.

My name is Matt Eich and I build these steel bodied resonators. In normal acoustic guitars the differences between woods and pickups are noticeable but subtle. Many times those differences are too subtle to create change in how a player approaches the guitar and that can lead to a revolving door of buying and selling instruments that are too similar. 

Inspiring tone is something that produces a sound that wakes up your ear and your creativity. That's the value in having one of these instruments. You will hear new things, make different musical choices, write new songs. After playing a Mule you hear other guitars with fresh ears, make different musical choices, write new songs. Round and round it goes. It's inspiring tone.

I know buying an instrument this way can be unusual but trust me, it's something special. Developing a connection with the person who made your instrument and the others who also play them is an inspiring thing in itself. It makes a guitar bigger than an object, it makes it an experience. 

This is the new sound of steel.

Matt E.

Hey all! I’m going to keep the April waitlist open until Saturday at 8pm to make sure anyone who encountered website trouble can get on the list. Thanks!

Dan B.

Hi Matt! Just sent a message from the contact option on the site but was wondering what I have to do to get on the next waitlist for the resonator? Is there a link; where should I go? Thanks man!


Matt E.

Hey Dan- come back here on the 1st at 6pm eastern and you’ll be able to add the deposit to your cart. 

Dan B.

Thanks Matt!!..see you then

Dan B.

Howdy Matt,

Had one other question or two After the deposit is made and you’re building the guitar, you’ll send an invoice for the remaining balance and we send it along? It will take at least a year-correct?

Brock B.

Got on the list. Thanks for changing things up this month. That helped. Now to find the patience to wait 15 months. It is gonna be so worth it. 

Matt E.

I’m leaving this open longer because of the delay at the beginning

Caleb Maskell

On the list! Super-stoked...honestly, a really special moment for me. Thanks Matt! 

Thomas M.

Been trying (like most of us) for months. I got on the list tonight. Thanks guys for changing things up and giving us a spot in line.

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