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(Note the billet t bridge is $175 upcharge - video will be edited shortly.) 

The wait time is currently -approximately- 8 months. Price is $3935  

 Deposit locks in your wait time and price and is non refundable.  Any changes to the wait time or price on the website does not apply to you if you are already on the list. 

We ship internationally. Note DHL shipping to Canada is around $300, Europe around $600, Australia around $1100. You are responsible for paying your country’s import tax.

Now available as a 12 string!

Different sounds create different musical choices - thats built in inspiration. Let this instrument take you somewhere adventurous. Finding yourself playing the same thing over and over on your red guitar, then the blue one, or the one with hotter pickups, or the one with the fancier back and sides? Time for a push. 

To be inspired you have to swing it wide.  Wake up your ear. Get a bit uncomfortable.  Find who plays these things and what songs they get out of them (we have lots and lots of videos).  Learn something new. Then make it your own. Hear your other instruments in new ways. 

These aren't "slide guitars" or "blues machines" they are tools for you to find the new sound. They are set up just like acoustic guitars but sound extraordinarily different. They can sound sweet and subtle, or like you're hitting a trash can with a baseball bat.  It's in  that range of expression where you'll find your inspiration. Connect with the people who made them and be part of that story.  It's an experience, not just a guitar on a wall.  Making these instruments is our life and our joy is when they become part of yours. 

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Looking for more pics?  Check out this epic photo album. 

All resonators are tricones.

Options: Pickup -$160 Brass - $200 Cutaway - $200. Billet T Bridge- $175 Flame Neck $150

Paint- $150   Red, Black, light blue, green, Gold

Pictures of colors here. 

Price includes hardshell case. 

How To Buy A Mule

Step One: Make a deposit. We can talk options later, you don't have to decide now. Your order confirmation email will  have your wait time and locked in price. 

Step Two: About a month or so before we begin your guitar you'll get an e-mail to confirm options. You'll get progress pictures of your guitar as it is being built. This is awesome. 

Step Three: When you get the snazzy completed pictures you pay the remainder, we ship it to you and you are happy.

"I want to say a special thank you for understanding, being patient, and being just an all around stand up business.   Anyone should feel honored to do business with you. 

I wish i could tell anyone who is considering one of your guitars about my experience.   I’m a customer for life.   I’ll take very good care of your amazing handiwork.   Well done and thank you.   

M. Helmuth"

"I love how you can get such a wide range and depth of tone depending on where you place the right hand and attack.  I can get it to sound like a piano with some really rich overtones and sustain that lasts for days or that growl you expect out of a resonator.  The neck is smooth and effortless.  It feels great all the way up to the 12th fret. Overall I am thrilled with my Mule and the wait was worth it."

Mark D.

"Dear Mule Guys, 

Gentlemen, just a quick note to say thank you all so much for making the most amazing guitar I have ever had the privilege to play. I am still blown away EVERY SINGLE TIME I pick it up.

There is so much to dig about it: the way it looks, the way it plays and the way it sounds, especially the way it sounds  - always brings a smile to my face.  The neck, the action and the feel are beyond belief: it’s somehow the perfect reso and the perfect acoustic all at the same time. I don’t now how you did it, but I am stoked that you did.

I never thought I would buy a guitar I hadn’t had the chance to play but I am so monumentally glad I did.  You guys have gotten it so right and in my humble opinion it’s a testament to all the hard yards you put in to get to where you are now.

It’s impossible to put into words how much joy I get every time I play it (or look at it - Mule’s truly are a work of art!).  It is beyond any doubt that Mule has made me a much, much better player than I was before and I have you all to thank for it.

I feel truly privileged to be (in a very small way) a part of your story.   It really feels like there is a sense of community with all that Mule does and I am stoked to be a part of it.  Thank you all so much again.

Kind regards, as well as a whole lot of love and respect


PS - Saving up for the Mulecaster deposit now!"


"Finally, after a bunch of monkey-business with FedEx and the alternate pickup site and me being out of town, I got the guitar last night. How do I explain this briefly (short on time)?

What a beautiful instrument!

You already know that of course, but man, even though I only got a little time on it last night and this morning, what a sweet, singing guitar. I'm stunned with the range it has--it seems to pull off an almost impossible balancing act between being sweet and cultivated, and rough and full of swagger. It responds beautifully to a softer, more measured touch, but also just explodes when played hard--it almost asks to be played hard. I was rather amazed at how it seemed to lead me in to new places or ways of playing than on my other guitars (wooden, or the National). I found myself playing familiar songs (by Fred McDowell, among others) with a level of commitment I hadn't quite reached in the past...and then jamming; just a lot of improvising. Really strong rhythmic stuff, with palm muting just produced the most amazing, tough bark that I'm completely mesmerized by. 

I also found myself improvising much more modal, kind of Indian stuff on it, and it just sings so sweetly on the high strings. It's not sharp or biting beautiful dark honey or something.

How did you make a resonator that is both refined and fierce? It's amazing. I can't wait to get more time on it. Thank you thank you thank you! More later I imagine...




The guitar made it here alright, no problems at all. In fact it was pretty close to being in tune as well. And, shoo-boy, what a stunner!! Such a beautiful thing, Matt! Just wonderful, between the wood choices and the way you've finished them, and the great metal-work work. Eeeh yow, I love it, I love it. The shape and size of the neck is awesome, too. My National has a wider fingerboard, but I really like the slimmer profile of the Mule, and particularly the shape of the back of the neck. Now I kinda wish I had a steel-string guitar with that same neck on it. So comfortable in my hands. Yeah; a steel string with the Mule's neck and a 12 fret joint. That'd be a good feeling guitar. Even the same body size would be cool. I've never gone looking for a small bodied steel string like that. I owned a 000-18, newer one, for a while, but it didn't sound so good, so I sold it. Maybe the Mule's shape and size is close to a Gibson L-OO or something? me thinking. Fortunately I've been able to play this evening for a little bit without sounding like a beginner, so I've been able to dig inside the Mule a bit, find out what her singing voice is like. I'll give it a little more here and there, over the next few days when my hand seems ready and willing, and I'll keep you posted. I also found the secondary inside label with the thought from the story of Job, "shall we accept only good from God and not trouble?" and I can't thank you enough for that touch. It hit me like a prayer, and it seemed perfect to have it there.Thank you again for your kindness and generosity, Matt. Sincerely, thank you. I'll try to give you a call sometime over the week

Peace and blessings,

Kelly Joe"

"Hi Matt, So holy crap!!!! I'm at a bit of loss of words here but honestly I had high,high expectations and this guitar has certainly risen above those expectations straight into the stratosphere. First, as many Mule owners already know it is absolutely stunning. The neck, the body finish, the tuning heads..everything about it is beautiful. That said, the real mind explosion moment for me was the sound, and I still can't really get over it because it's so rich. There is a darker, mysterious tone that I have never heard on any guitar I've ever played. my wife noticed it immediately and was absolutely blown away by the resonance. I don't really know how to describe it actually, but it is a deep, soulful sound and it's beyond anything I could have hoped for. You sir are a true master. It has been a great pleasure discussing guitars and things over the last few months and this whole experience has been incredible.

PS I called in sick today so I could play all day. I can't put this guitar down!! hahaha

Mike M.

Thanks again Matt and I look forward to meeting you here in Vancouver during the Guitar Festival."

" My new brass weapon of joy!

What a beauty! I don't know if they're all like that, I think with that one you built, everything came together perfectly. Tell me if I'm right.

Thanks again,

Colin Hay"


How To Buy A Mule

Step One: Make a deposit. We can talk options later, you don't have to decide now. Your order confirmation email will  have your wait time and locked in price. 

Step Two: About two months or so before we begin your guitar you'll get an e-mail to confirm options. You'll get progress pictures of your guitar as it is being built. This is awesome. 

Step Three: When you get the snazzy completed pictures you pay the remainder, we ship it to you and you are happy.


Is it possible to get a brass reso with a  copper cover?

Tom P.

Hey Matt! Working up the courage to put in an order. Does the brass option add weight? If so, how much?




ken l.

Are there any additional shipping fees or taxes applied if ordering within the U.S.?

Alfred B.

Been playing this one for a month and this resonator moved to the top of my guitars. The neck, one of the best necks (out of 50 or so guitars I've played, including electrics). Tone is great. It had playability and tone (I own each metal bodied guitars from brands that get them imported and they either have tone or playability, one of them gets sweet but needs neck reset, a project guitar lol, but the mule rules the roost).

And wow. Plugged in sounds great. 

I went brass and its just awesome. I got powder coat, and its excellent. 

It came with 13's and normally I run acoustics (wooden) with 12's, but 13's I barely notice it. One of the fun-est things is do flamenco strums and most resos turn into a muddy mess, but this guitar actually carries the note clarity a good acoustic does. 


The reso has some weight (but so do all resonators), and my friend has a brass nickel reso from another great US (if you're into resos you know), it is a tricone, and it has tone, but the neck is not as fast or fitting like a glove like a mule. I got the best of both worlds (tone n playability).


Def going to get a partner resonator to join (it's #1 but lonely at the top! LOL).


ONe day my musicianship and guitar chops will catch up to this. 

Ronald R.

how long is the wait?



Alfred B.

On the deposit page they have ETA (can change as it's shorter now than when I put mine in ) as of 3-9-23 its 9 mo

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