Sold Out

The MAVIS - $3900. Wait time about 13 months for future customers. 

Wait list opens the 1st of each month at 6 pm EST. Open spots are very limited and sell out very quickly. 

Your deposit locks in your price and wait time.

We are not currently taking international orders.

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Looking for more pics?  Check out the Photo Albums.

It's part archtop guitar, part electric guitar,  part resonator. And something completely different to your ear. It's thick and wooly and awesome.  It's weird, it will push you. You'll find something new.  You can see more pics of the Mavis here: Mavis Pics!

This is an all roasted wood solid body electric guitar with a carved back.

The deposit is non refundable.  Options are decided later: Tort pickguard - $150 Cutaway $150. 

Any change to this page only affect future orders.  Your price and wait time is locked in after your deposit. 

How To Buy A Mule

Step One: Make a deposit. We can talk options later, you don't have to decide now.

Step Two: About two months or so before we begin your guitar you'll get an e-mail to confirm options.

Step Three: When you get the snazzy completed pictures you pay the remainder, we ship it to you and you are happy.


Hear the Mavis here: Official MAVIS Playlist

David BS

Hi there!

By any chance you will be able to ship internationally (Sweden) any time soon? I need this guitar :) 


All the best,