The MAVIS - $3935. Wait time about 2 months for future customers. 

Your deposit locks in your price and wait time and is non-refundable. Any changes to the wait time or price on the website does not apply to you if you are already on the list. 

We ship internationally. Note DHL shipping to Canada is around $300, Europe around $600, Australia around $1100. You are responsible for paying your country’s import tax.

Now available as a 12 string!

Ah.. The Mavis.  Like the hit song that writes itself in the shower after a lifetime of working on songs, the first Mavis brought together different parts of my guitar making journey in one feverish week of inspired exploration. 

I can't tell you what to do with it other than to make it your own.  Although it's a solid body guitar some people record it acoustically.  Doug Wamble plays Jazz on it. Adam Miller finds his fingerstyle grooves on it.   Tyler Bryant burns it to the ground.  If you're looking for instrument that will show you things, this is it.   It's not specifically an acoustic instrument, thats what our steel resonators are for, but its considerably lighter than the steel ones if that's a concern for you. 

Hear what some people have done with it here:Official MAVIS Playlist 

Looking for more pics?  Check out the Photo Albums. 

This is an all roasted wood solid body electric guitar with a carved back. It’s a single cone biscuit resonator to keep the size smaller. 

They can be solid headstock or slotted headstock for no charge. 

Options to be decided later: Tort pickguard -$150, Flame top/neck-$150, Cutaway -$200, F-hole-$150.

How To Buy A Mule

Step One: Make a deposit. We can talk options later, you don't have to decide now.

Step Two: About a month before we begin your guitar you'll get an e-mail to confirm options.

Step Three: When you get the snazzy completed pictures you pay the remainder, we ship it to you and you are happy.


Read's Review here.  

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"The mavis arrived today.   It’s absolutely stunning.  It’s feels great and sounds even better.   What a joy to own something so amazing.  I will get years and years of enjoyment out of it.

I want to say a special thank you for understanding, being patient, and being just an all around stand up business.   Anyone should feel honored to do business with you. 

I wish i could tell anyone who is considering one of your guitars about my experience.   I’m a customer for life.   I’ll take very good care of your amazing handiwork.   Well done and thank you.   

M. Helmuth"

"I'm not normally one to struggle to find words.

It's out of control. It sounds like nothing I've ever heard before, but exactly what I expected. Been playing it for three hours straight now.

The neck feels perfect. A massive credit to your craftsmanship bro. The one thing you can't hear in the videos is the way it makes you want to let that note linger. I've read your posts about the notes you don't play. But now I completely understand. It sounds awesome when you play all the notes. And it sound just as good when you don't play them. I drove home waaaay too fast today. It really is a trip having one here! Thank y'all so much. You haven't had the end of me spamming your posts though. Here's to recording an album with this beast. Bout to smash through a bourbon. So cheers boys!


"Hey Matt, received my Mule yesterday afternoon and am having a hard time putting it down. Please accept my profound thanks and pass my thanks on to Phil and Adam as well for creating such a beautifully crafted and amazing sounding guitar. It is truly inspiring and I can already feel it pulling my playing into new directions.


Charlie G. "


"Thanks for doing what you do.  I had high expectations and you have exceeded them. I’m going to throw down a deposit on a mulecaster. Really dig the so-called “Posencaster.” 



David M.

 What's the uncharge for a 12 string, please?

Mark R.

12 string Mavis or Reso. Any comments? Wish I could afford both.

Paul R.

I think I`ll go soft case. Anyone looking for a tweed Mavis case? I`m in NYC

Ihor M.

Does the Mavis resonator sound good unamplified. Most sample videos I've seen always show the guitar plugged in or mic'd.

This will be my last guitar purchase. Thanks. Aging player.

Jim H.

It sounds awesome Unamplified, plenty of Volume also.Just got my Mavis and using my Orange Crush Mini practice amp you can tell it is plugged in, but not much difference in overall loudness.Almost Banjo like with open Chords,but sounds full as well on up the neck.

 You will be very happy playing this guitar without an Amp.It has a character all of its own,and will really inspire you to play.Could not be more pleased with this guitar.

Michael W.

There's really no information on how to care for the mavis, a video would be nice, "Mule Care". More specifically how to clean and maintain the body as well as the neck. The Mavis is really an amazing creation, once you pick it up, good luck putting it down. 

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