The MAVIS waitlists is currently closed for 2020  it may reopen at some point this year. Please sign up for an account to be notified via email when it does  

The MAVIS.  Semi hollow, all roasted Michigan maple.  Add this to your cart and checkout to get your name on the list. Or you can send me an email at

It's part archtop guitar part resonator. And something completely different to your ear.  It's weird, it will push you. You'll find something new. 

This is a very tentative waitlist. The guitar will be delivered some time in 2020. I'm still working out how this fits in the schedule. They will be made in very limited quantities. 

This wait list is for you if you are patient, open minded, and willing to take a leap.  No money deposit, when one is done I'll get a hold of whoever is next and offer it to them.



Aaron L.

I signed up for an account, is there anything else I have to do to be notified when the waiting list is available again? 

Laurence C.

I'm picturing a Mavis with a leather pick guard and leather binding... Somehow, that seems right.

Dave M.

Matt have you ever put the Hipshot Bender on a Mavis?  Maybe crazy but listening to all of Joey's videos made me think that could be the best of best of the best...


Dave M.

Matt I'm sure you've had wishes voiced for a slotted headstock...



Michael B.

Matt, are you going to offer f-hole options and tortoise pick guard and headstock?

Matt E.

It's a big maybe!  It's important to keep options low, but what's necessary will be offered.


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