Jason Momoa, Dirty Pink Mules

After buying a guitar out from under me, then killing me on a frigid beach in the UK for “Frontier”, and getting a couple Mules Jason and I are friends. How cool is it when life and the work you do connects you with others. The story gets bigger. Better than on your own. When you buy handmade work it’s not about “things” it’s about people and shared stories. The joy of making these instruments is the connection with the people who play them. Thanks to Jason Momoa, Jen Bower for the engraving, Jack Baumgartner for the certificate and Will, Mike, Sam, and Denis for help making it.

Peppe .

in addition, despite your terrifying aspect , you're soooo cute together ! 


Matt E.

Ha ha, thanks Peppe!

George A.


You nailed it. Glad there are artisans like you making a difference.




Matt E.

Thanks George!

Jonathan G.

Is that pink Mule a tricone or a single cone?

i like the way it sounds!

Matt E.

It's a tricone!

Larry D.

Nice work, Matt! Merry Christmas to you and Mule!

Matt E.

Merry CHristmas!