Adam Miller on his Mavis

When I first posted about the Mavis I said it was up to all you people to figure out what to do with it. Is it a reso? An electric? A banjo? ... yes. Answering the question “ummmm... what do I do with this thing?” can also be called built in inspiration.

Here’s one of my favorite players Adam Miller letting his Mavis BREATHE. A new sound.

#Repost @adammillerguitar
First recorded improvisation on the @muleresonatorguitars Mavis. One mic in front of the guitar, plugged into a Fender VibroChamp nearby. Only the slightest hint of reverb added after, the overtones you’re hearing are in the guitar!

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Jason M.

Geez...  should I rescind my Reso order in lieu of a Mavis?  Gorgeous