The Ballad of the Mule T-Bridge

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The new Mule T-bridge is here! The t-bridge is the direct connection between the strings and the cones in a resonator guitar. Every T bridge since 1927 has been cast aluminum. Which is fine, but not ideal. Six years ago I wondered if machining a T-bridge out of a higher quality billet would improve the sound of the instrument. But I needed a willing machinist- I needed Dan “The Man” Roznowski. Spoiler alert: it sounds AMAZING. More of everything. It absolutely sings. Spoiler alert #2: It will be a $175 option on future guitars and will also fit previous Mules and other tricones. You can purchase them here.

You will need your local tech to slot the included saddle to the correct height, as this varies slightly from instrument to instrument.

Epic vid by Storyville Social